New logo for our MMORPG free-to-play game!

Hi everyone, I’m Paulina (later I will write something more about me) and in my first post here I am proud to announce a totally new logo:

Overly-excited presentation of a new logo for Herodonia game.


A fresh start.

It’s been a while since the last blog posts, however, this silence was caused by massive (and by massive I mean MASSIVE) changes. Me and Alastor had redesigned the whole map and new elements and mechanics were added.

What has changed?

Basically, everything!

But that’s a topic for another post.

Soon (details about the launch will be presented by us later) you will be presented with a Beta Version of Herodonia with a new map, first quests, NPCs you got to know about and monsters to fight with.

I leave all the technical details to Alastor as I’m more into content and graphic side of game.

See ya soon!



Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Hello there,

I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

We’re entering new year with some improvements to the UI, I’m now working on the prototype of complete rewrite of UI engine, which will be fully RWD and ready for Smartphones and PCs.

Here’s a little sneak peak of how it looks now (without gameplay tied in yet):


Best mobile RPG to play with friends

From the very beginning, I’m creating Herodonia as the best mobile rpg to play with friends as possible.That’s unquestionable – we all have been playing MMORPGs in smaller or greater groups, call it Clans or Guilds. We want to compete with our foes and allies, be it in a player versus player or player versus monster battles. How am I going to create Herodonia as a proper mobile mmo to play with friends?

Typical MMO and solo style

In the past, I got frustrated over one thing – when the game forced me to play in a group. While it is the best way to play most of the MMO games – it is not always welcomed by players.

I’ll give you one example here. I had time to play games in the mornings, while most of my friends tend to log in and play in the evenings. Playing solo was pretty hard then, as I couldn’t enjoy most of the game’s content.

I started searching the Internet for what mobile games I can play with friends, while not being forced to play with them simultaneously. I decided that in the future, I want to create the best mobile rpg to play with a friend, while giving a similar experience for solo players.

Herodonia – solo or group style

My game won’t force players to be in guilds, instead it will give a little bonus for playing in a team.

That being said, here’s a breakdown of things I consider helpful for maintaining Herodonia in a perfect balance between solo- and team-play MMO:

  • Experience and drop from monsters will be slightly increased depending on the group size.
  • Various dungeons and competition areas will adjust difficulty level based on the number of competing players. Monsters and obstacles will be spawned in accordance with the group size.
  • Being a part of a team will not be required to enter certain areas. It will be always possible to explore them as a solo player.

Those are the first things which will be implemented in Herodonia in the near future.

Herodonia – best mobile rpg to play with friends

I will be keen on the above wording while pushing Herodonia forward, however, having one more sentence in mind: solo play will be always welcomed and will provide a similarly joyful experience as playing with a friend.

Play Herodonia now!



Browser MMORPG – No download

Since the beginning of the development of Herodonia I decided that it should be a browser MMORPG – no download should be required.

Why a browser MMORPG – no download?

I was really disappointed that every game, even the smaller ones, forced me to install the physical files on my device with no exception for Android smartphone, Windows PC or even a game console.

It has been bugging me for a long time. There was no possibility to create web-browser based games properly. However, some years ago, the focus of applications’ creation has switched onto web browsers and compatibility between all types of devices.

How does this affects Herodonia?

In 2020 when the pandemic struck for the first time I had a lot of time to work on some side projects beside working for my main employer.

I thought about how problematic it would be to develop a mobile game when there are so many various mobile devices and operating systems. We all know that there are several operating systems available (MacOS, Linux, Windows, Android, iOS etc.). Every one of the OSes needs specific binaries or at least a proper Java interpreter. On the other hand, there’s no Java interpreter that works on the iOS operating system.

That’s why I’ve come with a plan to use web browsers.

After a bit of research I decided to use the Phaser engine for the frontend of the game (game client).
Also, I used TypeScript instead of pure JavaScript to create code (as I’m able to create better, typed code).

What do I think about the future?

I think that in the future we’ll be switching to have everything working in the web browsers.  I hope that there will be even more opportunities to integrate new devices even better. Maybe in the future you will be playing Herodonia on a smartwatch, huh?

Thinking more realistically, I think that it will be even easier to access Herodonia, when there will be some kind of VR integrated into our brains, but that’s something which will not happen in a few years ;).

So don’t hesitate and play Herodonia wherever you are and on whatever device you choose: How to Play

Play Herodonia now!



Mobile MMO with dungeons

Today I’m going to talk about another feature planned in the near future. Herodonia will become a Mobile MMO with dungeons.

What is a dungeon?

Dungeon is a creative way to confront players with even more challenges. That being said – we’re lovers of rankings and creative ways to spend time in games, aren’t we? So why not try to immerse ourselves into a challenge which will change over time? As in many MMO games – Herodonia will utilize such features in the future.

Mobile MMO with dungeons

That title is something I strive for Herodonia in the next months. What is the current state of dungeons in Herodonia and how will it be implemented?

First thing to be done is to have multi-map system. Now, all visible tiles are served from one large map created in Tiled editor. That’s not bad – I’m splitting it up for a game client and server will soon be able to deal with entire map with internal splitting areas between available CPU resources. But… We’ll need to have additional areas available by loading additional map files.

What will be possible to achieve when the new map loading system will be live?

I’ll be able to create real undergrounds as the first thing. You’ll be able to go through an opening in the ground into a system of caves and crypts.

After that  I’ll try to use additional map files as a base for dungeons. At first, they’ll be filled with the same creatures and obstacles, but after a while I should be able to create a semi-random generator of prizes and creatures.

What is the ultimate goal for dungeons? There will be a random generation of terrain, so each time you’ll try to complete one of the available dungeons – you’ll encounter a new journey.

Unique features than in other Mobile MMO with dungeons

I plan to have dungeons functioning as a unique way to entertain players. This can be done for instance, by adjusting the difficulty level to the player’s level and to team size (in case of multi-player dungeons). Also, I have an idea of team vs team dungeons clearing, but that topic will be covered in one of my future posts.

Play Herodonia now!

Stay tuned!


Mobile MMORPG vision for the next months

I still strive to make Mobile MMORPG Herodonia as an easy game for everyone. By that I mean that the game will be easy for both: new players and experienced “retired” MMO veterans. However, I’m starting to think about how to push the development of Herodonia forward.

Most needed pure-technical things

From a technical point of view, the server needs to be split into concurrent-programming as now it is running mostly on two threads. How do I plan to accomplish that? The best solution is to have areas which will be handled by their own processing threads.

As it comes to the Client – several most time-consuming operations, such as sprites creation will be switched to be pre-generated at launch instead of run-time generation. This way – i.e.: all pop-up windows will load faster and player movements will be smoother. A little sneak peak for you – Inventory window is already rewritten that way. It is reacting pretty fast for each tap on the screen.

New features

Trading between players is somewhat important to me, so at first direct trade options will be created. Later at some point – market (or to be called as “shop”) accessible by all players to place, sell and buy offers will be created.

Second important thing would be  dungeons and an underground level of map – that has been mostly covered in the following article:

Content for Mobile MMORPG

The most important thing is to enrich a map with new terrains and creatures, not to mention NPCs and additional quests. On my to-do list that’s the top thing  that needs to happen before we’ll proudly call Herodonia a Beta version (we’re still in the Alpha phase).

Similarly, this has been done for “Tutorial” or “Demo” Island (the first land which is available for every new player, without the need of creating an account). Main land will be filled with NPCs and quests. As for now players already were given hunting grounds for levels up to 10, and that must be enough for a warmup. Hopefully, I’ll be keen on this when I finish dealing with current technical things.

Stay tuned!


Mobile MMORPG without autoplay – our goal

Recently I found out that more and more games are created as “autoplay”. I can guarantee – Herodonia will always stay as a Mobile MMORPG without autoplay.

Why do people use autoplay?

Let’s start with one issue. Many people love to watch games played by other players which to me looks like a motivation for an autoplay.

Autoplay is an imitation of a gaming video stream, however, it has no immersion at all. I often wonder why there is so much attention to autoplay topic in comparison to classical ways of playing games. Maybe because people, in general, are somewhat lazy nowadays?

Possible reasons for having less and less Mobile MMORPG without autoplay

I think that decreasing number of mobile games without autoplay is caused by more and more streaming platforms, which way of entertaining people has been acknowledgeable during the last couple of years.

As I said in the previous acapit, another reason might be that nowadays we’re simply getting lazy. But not in the wrong way, because nowadays we’re having way better internet connections, way faster computers and smartphones.

Searching for restaurants now is not so complicated when we’re going out. Personally, I search for them usually after leaving home instead of preparing beforehand. That way is really time-saving for myself and I could imagine that most of the youngsters want to have even better technological improvements in that area.

So is there a way to have a new Mobile MMORPG without autoplay?

How this impact Herodonia?

I want to make Herodonia an entertaining indie MMORPG which will result in the capability to catch the eye of youngsters (be it 13+ years old) and people that are commuting to work via train or bus.

When I was a teenager, the first MMO games were starting to be popular. After  some time, macros and bots became a thing making games similar to autoplay for me. One thing I know for sure is that I definitely do not want that to happen to Herodonia – be it autoplay or makros/bots.

What are the planned things to become a Mobile MMORPG without autoplay

  • Game’s mechanics automation done with taste, so no autoplay. For instance, picking up loot from creatures will be done with at most two taps, in comparison – old-school MMOs forced players to hit the mouse button several times for getting a reward.
  • Anti-bot and anti-macro measures. There’s plenty of ways for ensuring that Heroes’ gameplay won’t be affected by such things. I do not want to spoil any of the techniques of finding macros yet, but data is being collected even now.

Stay tuned!


Progress Update for our Mobile MMORPG Online Game

Hey there! I’m back after a while with new progress update in Herodonia – Mobile MMORPG Online Game.

You were not hearing from me for a significant amount of time – I was fully taken by mine main job – which are online shops – as new wave of the pandemic resulted in increased demand for functionalities.

But finally – I’m here and ready to share you what has been done in the last days.


List of changes

  • you will play as a guest account when you’ll open a game – so no longer need to register to verify if Herodonia fits you. I’m 100% sure that this will help new folks to got first in-touch experience with our Mobile Game as fast as possible.
  • you will be able to create new account by clicking special button which will be visible for all guests through entire gameplay – so you can create your own Hero when you’ll get familiar with Game and its contents itself. For now, you’ll lost your progress though, so it will be best to register after defeating your first opponents 🙂
  • message encouraging you to create your own, savable Hero will appear every time you will leave or enter city – so you’ll know that your progress is not actually saved (until you’ll register your own Player)
  • small adjustment made to fonts – slightly more visible creature names in Game Window and adjusted font boldness for Item quantities. Hope this will make “337” or any other number of gold coins you’ll find when hunting monsters way more readable 😉

That’s just a beginning of adjustments to make Herodonia more easier to get familiar with. For starters – visit How to Play, where you’ll learn basics of Mobile MMORPG Online Game Herodonia.

What is coming in following weeks, sneak peak

  • NPC dialogue window changes – you’ll have easier way to talk with them
  • Introduction screen for guest (demo) mode – new Players will get familiar with Game itself
  • Tutorial Land for Guests – instant sign-in and play by yourself, no more “web” tutorials, experience this yourself!

More will be introduced in next posts.

See you later!


Client Refactoring

Starting Today, I’m in process of refactoring client application to be more flexible and faster.

First results are very promising. Changing way of storing Inventory and Equipment to be persistent (no extra loading during gameplay if not needed) bring down load time of Inventory Window from 2 seconds to 0 on PC. Even better results on mobile – from 10 seconds to 0.

Another thing which I’m doing right now is slight rewrite of Client way of dealing with data. Now it is quite complicated to share data between components, but when I’ll finish adding proper Observer Pattern implementation into whole system and will ensure that data flow is one-way (Server-> Client Persistent Storage -> Client GUI) – we’ll good to go with new features 🙂 .

For next several days I’ll be doing further revisions which will serve us with speed and maintainability improvements for Client and Server.


Online Game – Herodonia – Social Media

Today I spent some time on creating social media sites for Herodonia – Mobile Online RPG Game. It was pleasure time in comparison to yesterday’s bug fixing after all…

Here are the links to profiles:

I hope that integration will work properly and you’ll be able to follow Herodonia in whatever medium you feel to 🙂 .