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MMORPG in development Alpha v0.2.0


Hi there Herodonians, welcome to new post about our MMORPG in developement – Herodonia.com. Here, we will be focusing on version Alpha v.0.2.0. We’re working hard to finally and proudly call our game a Beta MMORPG, however, there is still much to do despite so many changes and fixes! Let’s start then.

MMORPG in developement – Alpha New Features

In game MMORPG with Cooking Recipes

As you can see in the picture above you can now craft some delicious dishes that will give you health and mana. How can you craft those? Simply go to Yagoda – the Inn Keepers’ Daughter and ask for help with crafting food. She will help you with finding the right ingredients, cooking, and, at the end, will reward you with New Recipe. Porridge, Barley Soup or Slavic Kutya? Now you can learn on how to make those and make them on every fire. In our free to play adventure rpg you can find up to 15 recipes but new ones are still added. To cook a dish you will also need a piece of firewood so keep that in mind when collecting branches and wood around the place.

Collecting Items from Map Rework

From now on you can harvest many collectables by using dedicated tools. Those include, for instance, a hoe or a scythe. In order to use them on an item you have to set it as your shortcut (you can imagine that shortcuts are a metaphor of what you have in your hand). Secondly, some plants needs to be clicked more than once to be collected.  Items on map have “stamina” bar which will decrement when you’ll be collecting particular item.

What is worth mentioning is the fact, that some plants might grow and be collected only in the specific day frame. Furthermore, you could find some items only at nighttime, other only during the day and so on. I think that it is even more exciting when you had collected some rare items only to find our their rareness.

Example of using a tool on crops in order to collect it in game

You have chance to find cute, small animals

New monsters? Yes, but not really! We introduce young monsters – chicks, small bears and small pigs and calves. You can’t kill them, but you can adore them…until they are ready to fight. There are still plenty of monsters that we want to add to our MMORPG in development, and here are some of those. You can find them on further areas of the village, being around level 6 or more.

Critical Hit

Crit!!! From now on the critical hit is marked and bold adding this sweet, sweet feeling of getting stronger and dealing more and more damage. To be honest, the critical hit was present in the MMORPG in development right from the start, however, it was not visible enough in the heat of the battle. So, to sum it up, the overall experience of the gameplay should increase and you can check it by yourself.

Player attacks got new effects

New effects include also fighting in various styles. Thus, depending on your weapon of choice the effects will vary. We encourage you to craft more than one weapon in order to check how well it will suit you in the combat.


Herodonia MMORPG Detailed Changelog

  • corrections to how dialogues are handled in engine (easier way to display dialogue only once)
  • corrections to how portrait mode in mobile devices is triggered
  • fixed misleading message about daily reward ended in case of other type of boost ended
  • content (graphics, map) should now be correctly loaded when new version is deployed
  • tutorial has been shortened and adjusted
  • creature selection works basing on right-down part of their appearance
  • dialogues can verify current date, time and other date-related things
  • Slavic Gods statues were distributed across whole village
  • Milena’s Storage will now show empty tiles to encourage to store items
  • small animals will transform into adult forms after some time (Small Cow, Small Pig, Small Bear, Chick)
  • critical hit introduced
  • health bar will blink if you’ll have less than 10% health points
  • new effects for player attacks (melee, distance, magic)
  • players will face towards opponents when dealing damage
  • NPCs will face towards players that are talking to them
  • collecting items from map rework – introduced Hoe, some plants needs to be clicked more than once to be collected, items on map have “stamina” bar which will decrement when you’ll be collecting particular item
  • some plants can be collected only during specific part of day or night

For more info and updates about our MMORPG in development check out the game news.

Authors: Paulina & Alastor