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  • Update v0.1.2 has been released today

    Update v0.1.2 has been released today

    Exciting news for all Herodonia players! The free to play mmorpg game’s latest release, alpha v0.1.2, is now available and comes with several adjustments. Here are some of the notable changes and additions included in this version of our free to play mmorpg: The attack formula has been adjusted. This means players will now have […]

  • Browser MMORPG – No download

    Browser MMORPG – No download

    Since the beginning of the development of Herodonia I decided that it should be a browser MMORPG – no download should be required. Why a browser MMORPG – no download? I was really disappointed that every game, even the smaller ones, forced me to install the physical files on my device with no exception for […]

  • Mobile MMORPG vision for the next months

    I still strive to make Mobile MMORPG Herodonia as an easy game for everyone. By that I mean that the game will be easy for both: new players and experienced “retired” MMO veterans. However, I’m starting to think about how to push the development of Herodonia forward. Most needed pure-technical things From a technical point […]