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0.6.0 – mid-summer event Fire Wasp Hunt


Hello dear Herodonians, it’s high time for our second – mid summer event. We’re excited to announce a special time event in our mmorpg indie game called Fire Wasp Hunt. So, get ready for more adventure along the way and an extra reward upon completing the time quest.

Mid Summer Event – Fire Wasp Hunt

As the event takes place on the Middle Market of our mmorpg indie game – everyone can take part in this event. No matter what level you are this event is dedicated toward pure fun and exp gaining. In order to take part in this event all you have to do is to find Niell – one of the Temple guard, who will reside in the right side of the Middle Market in our Herodonia indie game.


Talk with Niell and the guardian of the Temple will shortly give you all the info needed to complete the quest. The whole server can participate and collect the resources needed and receive extra bonuses.

All you have to do is bring special Wasp Wings to the special chest. You can add Wasp Wings in the batches of 10. Fire Wings will be dropped out of every type of monster, so every one of them is even more worthy of defeating.


Here you can see how Fire Wasp Wing is looking. Upon completion of this quest the whole server will receive a special time reward and spawn a special enemy – Fire Wasp which offers even more great drops when killed.

Have fin and check out the event by yourself. Invite your friends and play together in our mmorpg indie game Herodonia. We’re still in early access, however, things change fast! Here are some last changes that we’ve made in our online mobile browser game.

New, better tutorial

As you can see there is another portion of helpful information along the first stages of the game. Not only you get a tutorial on how to use our UI and the nearest locations, but also there is a new fragment of tutorial showing bottom-right use of shortcuts, which can be used as you like.

In the future we plan on developing the tutorial even more to allow players fully use all the best features of the game.

Still, you can play the game for free without logging in or giving any account info and try out  our indie pixel game.

Other Small Fixes in our mmorpg indie game

Here you can find detailed list of all the changes in the latest update. If you want to know even more about this project and future releases go check out our Discord and feel free to follow us on Twitter (or X.com as you like) and other social media.


  • Leaderboard – first iteration, it will display lifetime statistics collected from today
  • Event – Mid-Summer Fire Wasp Hunt
  • Tutorial on how to set newly acquired Skills after boosting Strength/Agility/Magic Power for the first time
  • Changed Casimir’s First Dish Quest to be more realistic (who wants to combine meat and garlic to receive milk 😉 )
  • Smaller fixes
    • fixed bug that was causing light to not load sometimes
    • fixed bug that was causing cutscenes to delete some real tiles from client memory