How To Play

Tips for playing Mobile Online RPG Game – Herodonia.

Main Objectives of the Mobile Online RPG Game Herodonia

Don’t be killed

Don’t be killed at all and kill all offending creatures, ensure that you health (green bar) never goes to zero. If you’re using magic or skills – ensure that your mana (blue bar) is not empty, otherwise – you’ll not be able to use it.

Collect items

Collect items and skills. If you’ll be lucky enough – you will find legendary items in bags dropped by them. If not – you’ll have to be happy with gained experience. And – do not forget to empty your bag before going for a journey.

Advance yourself

Advance by fulfilling various tasks and fighting different races of monsters. Be prepared to face different opponents and tasks, whenever you’re on the surface or in the deepest dungeons you’ll ever want to be in.


Move yourself

Use joystick on the left for moving and touch for invoking all types of available actions when you’re on mobile. On desktop – use WSAD keys for moving your Hero and mouse for invoking actions.

Attack or Stop Attacking

Clicking (touching) on a desired creature will result in attacking it (or stop attacking). Ensure that you’re not attacking other Players – you’ll be treated as a murderer then!

Pick up dropped items

Clicking (touching) on the creature lost bag will result in opening loot dialog. You’ll be able to select which items you want to take into your inventory. Ensure that you have enough space for them.

Read Signs and Boards

Click (touch) one the street signs or boards located around the Herodonia world to gain additional knowledge. Signs will beware you of dangers waiting ahead or show you how to get into the desired place. Boards will let you know more knowledge.

Conversation with NPC

Click (touch) Non-Playable Characters to invoke Conversation Window. All of them have something to say, but only part of them is really worth attention. If you’ll talk properly, you’ll push your adventure to the limits by fulfilling various tasks.

Trade with NPC

After starting conversation you will be able to click “Shop” button or one of the dialogue responses to invoke Shop Window. You will finally spent some money on upgrading your equipment or sell unwanted items. Please note that not every NPC is able to trade.

Use Items from Inventory

There are shortcuts for using items, located on the bottom right of the screen. After first login into the Herodonia world, you will have several tiny health and mana potions, ready to be used. After obtaining new items – you will be able to create shortcuts for them using Hero Management Window.

Hero Management Window

To open Hero Management Window, use Sword Icon located in the top-right corner of your screen. There are several tabs available:

Equipment and Inventory Tab

Click (touch) Sword Icon in the upper right corner of the screen. You’ll see your Equipment and Inventory there. Selecting an item is possible by clicking (touching) it. After selection, you will be able to easily equip/de-equip, use or destroy it. You will also be able to peek into particular Item statistics, be it for your own use or for trading with NPCs or other Heroes.

Hero Statistics Tab

All basic properties of your Hero are located there. Below statistics, there are properties points – you will be able to add 3 points to your desired property after gaining every level.

Available properties:
– Strength – will result in a higher damage dealed by melee attacks and for the max amount of health. Mostly used by Warriors.
Magic Power – will result in a higher damage dealed by magic attacks and for the max amount of mana. Mostly used by Mages.
Agility – will result in a higher damage dealed by attacks attempted from a distance or with a knife. Mostly used by Rangers

Skills Tab

Will be available in Phase Two. You will be able to exchange skill points earned through eliminating monsters, fulfilling various tasks and other activities in the World of Mobile Online Multiplayer Game Herodonia to strengthen already owned skills or for unblock new ones. Some skills will be available for all occupations, but most of them will be occupation-specific.

Chat Tab

Chat is currently working for entire Herodonia world, whenever you are – be it deep dungeon or floating city in the skies – every logged in Hero will be able to get in touch with each other. In Phase Two, there’ll be several public channels, private messages and private chat channels available.

Last two Tabs acts as a Buttons:

Full Screen Mode Button –
Close Button –

That’s all for basic of current gameplay of Mobile Online Multiplayer Game – Herodonia. Have fun!