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  • World shines in our web browser RPG. Update!

    World shines in our web browser RPG. Update!

    We’re happy to announce that we’ve release new version of our web browser RPG game.  And the updates will enhance your game-play experience in a very positive way. What’s new in Herodonia web browser rpg game? Half-transparent loot bags. Herodonia web browser RPG now features half-transparent loot bags. You can collect them after 1 minute […]

  • Browser MMORPG – No download

    Browser MMORPG – No download

    Since the beginning of the development of Herodonia I decided that it should be a browser MMORPG – no download should be required. Why a browser MMORPG – no download? I was really disappointed that every game, even the smaller ones, forced me to install the physical files on my device with no exception for […]