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Let the sound flow – Herodonia v0.3.0


Hello dear Herodonians and welcome to another, huge update of our browser mmorpg game which you can play solo or with friends. We’re making everything to make the game become one of the best games you can play in 2023 (and later). So, here we are with another new features and updates. We will shortly talk about all the changes that brings us closer to beta version of the game below. We hope that this blog will be useful for every indie game dev who dreams like us about his or her own game in the future.

Most important game update – the sound

Have you ever wonder how to properly add sounds, sound effects and music to your indie game? We did and this is how it resulted in adding it successfully to the game. If you want to know more about the technical aspects that might be helpful in your game development we will make an article about it. But here are some details.

Numerous sound effects are now played when you’re performing actions in Herodonia world. That’s not all! There are also an atmospheric ambient sounds tracks added throughout the whole world. In the most iconic places, like Village or Inn – you’ll hear music.

Sounds were added to the game UI making all the clicks audible. Some attacks and skills have its own sounds as well as enemies’ attacks. In the future updates we will try to add more variety to the sounds based on the monster’s type and attack.

If you’ll ever get tired (hope not) of some of the sound, you can always change sound settings in the main menu. You can control effects, background and music volume separately. Feel free to tweak with them.

In game sound settings

Other gameplay changes

First change influence game immersion when talking to NPCs. We thought that the UI and most of the background shouldn’t be visible during the conversations with game characters so we played with it. You can now better dive into conversations with in-game characters. Camera will now zoom towards you and UI will hide when you’ll start dialogue. The zoom effect will happen always and it’s impossible to switch off in game.

We were proud of our first game dialogue avatars, however, the need for a new style appeared. As the result, we’ve redrawn a lot of avatars representing in-game characters to better show their personality. We think that it will change the feel of playing positively and make our browser mmorpg game for better.

Milena – one of the first NPCs you’ll meet in Herodonia

Your character will now turn towards place where action is taking place. For example – you’ll turn towards tree from which you’re collecting apples. Same happens for a lot of other actions – crafting, attacking opponents etc.

You’ll feel how strong you’ve hit opponent when critical hit was dealt – special effects will happen. The special effect will happen during a critical hit in the game.

Monsters will now try to stay at their original location and to walk near it. Furthermore – if monster will follow player during combat, it will go back to its original location after losing target. It is now easier to find creatures in their more designed areas and eradicates instances of finding game opponents in surprising places they don’t belong to.

v0.3.0 – Herodonia MMORPG Detailed Changelog

  • Sound engine for effects, background atmosphere and music
  • Settings option in main menu which allows to change volume of sound effects, background atmosphere and music
  • Redrawn NPC Avatars
  • Dialogue with NPCs is more immersive now – camera getting closer, UI is hidden
  • Player will turn towards rewards, collectables and signs on map
  • Monsters will turn towards player when attacking
  • Monsters will no longer travel long distances without being actively attacked
  • Monsters will now go back to their original location if they’ll lose targeted player
  • Camera is shaking when critical hit is dealt
  • Level Up Bonus Window adjustments – clearer bonus display, prevention of unintended closing, sounds
  • Statistics Window adjustments – new animations, sounds
  • Achievement notification has been reworked
  • Map updates in several places (directions’ sign near Bulletin Board; Yasny’s entrance rebuild; south-east gate moved)
  • Tip window will be displayed if player will try to “click-attack” monsters too often
  • Fixed bug when clicking on UI caused clicking on map underneath it
  • Rooftops will now hide earlier if you are getting close
  • Sorrel will now correctly appear during night and disappear before sunrise