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Let’s…get drunk in MMORPG free browser game?


Aaaaand here it is – a bigger update of our MMORPG free browser game you can play online. We called this version: Version v0.1.4 and probably another one will be changing the main number from one to two as it will be major.

But first, let’s talk about the changes in this one, as it might be treated as an introduction to the future updates of the game.

Meet Wolgast – the NPC you can… get drunk with?

As controversial as it seems that’s no April’s Fools joke. On the east side of the map there are major changes concerning the map itself. However, there is another NPC with in-game quests important for the main plot of the story. You can talk to him and take the quest from the Bulletin Board. It is placed before entrance to the Kasimir’s Inn.

We’re also proud of some small cutscenes that were added on this occasion.

Meet Wolgast the Cropper.

Chicken coop is now huge!

After careful analysis (not really) we decided to enlarge and redesign chicken coop. So while playing our browser and mobile game the place will be less spacious and empty.

We are trying to slowly redesign certain areas to give the game a vibe we are striving for. Those minor design changes won’t be announced as there are simply cosmetic changes.

Another in-game cutscene – now casting Yasny.

Remeber Yasny’s Tuft Help Quest? From now on, upon completing the quest Young Mage will show route to special magic door and unlock it. Then, you can go head straight onto them and reach new area within the Village. Doing this quest is mandatory in order to unlock new areas on the map. If you are not sure which doors we are talking about – when you try to walk by them there will be an info saying about completing the Tuft Help first, which should lead you to Yasny.

Yasny showing the unlocking door.

Gathering materials in game – what’s new?

Gathering materials in our MMORPG free browser game such as certain crops will require hoe in inventory from now on if you want to harvest them. The mechanics of harvesting crops are highly intuitive and made simple. Some vegetables and fruits will require a hoe in your inventory. That means you have to place it in your shortcuts in bottom-right corner tiles. Our mission here was to provide the player with more relaxed and balanced game-play. We will explain more about it in future news. Hoe can be obtained from Milena.

The utensil can be obtained from NPC Milena.

Game User Interface changes.

Among various minor changes we decided to change the in-game font to something more stylish and climatic. A runic font in game was a perfect solution. We wanted to change the font quite from the beginning, however, there were always better things to do instead of looking for a runic font for commercial use that will fit our game. You can find new font in buttons and window titles. Also, we reconsider using it in NPC’s names. There were also small user interface updates and style changes and the login (first) screen has been redesigned and restyled.

A new login screen with runic font.

All the windows were also adjusted to work better with vertical view on mobile. However, we’ve always recommend to use the horizontal view.

Other changes and adjustments in our MMORPG free browser game.

There are also other minor changes that can be summed up in this article, which are:

  1. A minor change of how Casimir is explaining crafting your first meal.
  2. Better styling for mobile when it comes to pop-up windows.
  3. Better styling for the Daily Reward window, mostly focused on mobile players.
  4. Items with the quantity of one will now show this number to avoid misunderstanding.
  5. You can now safely Log Out of game – there is a special button for that in the hamburger menu.

First armor sets available in our free MMORPG game!

We added first new armor you can craft yourself at Yasny’s or at Ratibor’s places. They are available after certain dialogue with one of the NPCs mentioned before. Also, they can be crafted in additional crafting tables placed on the other sides of the rooms both NPCs are residing. The choice is up to you.

New crafting table at Yasny.

To sum it up, there are many changes which are focused on wide range of topics. And with only two people on board – us – they are implemented one after another.

We hope you’ll like them well and all the changes enrich the gameplay even more. Stay in touch and check our Game news for more info and play our MMORPG Beta version of the game.