Best mobile RPG to play with friends

From the very beginning, I’m creating Herodonia as the best mobile rpg to play with friends as possible.That’s unquestionable – we all have been playing MMORPGs in smaller or greater groups, call it Clans or Guilds. We want to compete with our foes and allies, be it in a player versus player or player versus monster battles. How am I going to create Herodonia as a proper mobile mmo to play with friends?

Typical MMO and solo style

In the past, I got frustrated over one thing – when the game forced me to play in a group. While it is the best way to play most of the MMO games – it is not always welcomed by players.

I’ll give you one example here. I had time to play games in the mornings, while most of my friends tend to log in and play in the evenings. Playing solo was pretty hard then, as I couldn’t enjoy most of the game’s content.

I started searching the Internet for what mobile games I can play with friends, while not being forced to play with them simultaneously. I decided that in the future, I want to create the best mobile rpg to play with a friend, while giving a similar experience for solo players.

Herodonia – solo or group style

My game won’t force players to be in guilds, instead it will give a little bonus for playing in a team.

That being said, here’s a breakdown of things I consider helpful for maintaining Herodonia in a perfect balance between solo- and team-play MMO:

  • Experience and drop from monsters will be slightly increased depending on the group size.
  • Various dungeons and competition areas will adjust difficulty level based on the number of competing players. Monsters and obstacles will be spawned in accordance with the group size.
  • Being a part of a team will not be required to enter certain areas. It will be always possible to explore them as a solo player.

Those are the first things which will be implemented in Herodonia in the near future.

Herodonia – best mobile rpg to play with friends

I will be keen on the above wording while pushing Herodonia forward, however, having one more sentence in mind: solo play will be always welcomed and will provide a similarly joyful experience as playing with a friend.

Play Herodonia now!



Mobile MMORPG without autoplay – our goal

Recently I found out that more and more games are created as “autoplay”. I can guarantee – Herodonia will always stay as a Mobile MMORPG without autoplay.

Why do people use autoplay?

Let’s start with one issue. Many people love to watch games played by other players which to me looks like a motivation for an autoplay.

Autoplay is an imitation of a gaming video stream, however, it has no immersion at all. I often wonder why there is so much attention to autoplay topic in comparison to classical ways of playing games. Maybe because people, in general, are somewhat lazy nowadays?

Possible reasons for having less and less Mobile MMORPG without autoplay

I think that decreasing number of mobile games without autoplay is caused by more and more streaming platforms, which way of entertaining people has been acknowledgeable during the last couple of years.

As I said in the previous acapit, another reason might be that nowadays we’re simply getting lazy. But not in the wrong way, because nowadays we’re having way better internet connections, way faster computers and smartphones.

Searching for restaurants now is not so complicated when we’re going out. Personally, I search for them usually after leaving home instead of preparing beforehand. That way is really time-saving for myself and I could imagine that most of the youngsters want to have even better technological improvements in that area.

So is there a way to have a new Mobile MMORPG without autoplay?

How this impact Herodonia?

I want to make Herodonia an entertaining indie MMORPG which will result in the capability to catch the eye of youngsters (be it 13+ years old) and people that are commuting to work via train or bus.

When I was a teenager, the first MMO games were starting to be popular. After  some time, macros and bots became a thing making games similar to autoplay for me. One thing I know for sure is that I definitely do not want that to happen to Herodonia – be it autoplay or makros/bots.

What are the planned things to become a Mobile MMORPG without autoplay

  • Game’s mechanics automation done with taste, so no autoplay. For instance, picking up loot from creatures will be done with at most two taps, in comparison – old-school MMOs forced players to hit the mouse button several times for getting a reward.
  • Anti-bot and anti-macro measures. There’s plenty of ways for ensuring that Heroes’ gameplay won’t be affected by such things. I do not want to spoil any of the techniques of finding macros yet, but data is being collected even now.

Stay tuned!


MMORPG 2021 – Animated map!

I’ve done and deployed some work on smaller quality of life upgrades in Herodonia MMORPG 2021. Now I’m coming back with a quick summary of what has been done in the last several days.

List of changes

  • Tutorial land – demo island created for guest players. Fulfilled with npcs, creatures and quests. You’ll be able to experience playing Herodonia without actually being registered. It should be pretty straightforward for new players
  • Text animation for dealt damage, experience, self-healing. Actually – I was pretty sure that something fundamental was missing, but I couldn’t come up with that for a long time. And… Eureka – just a simple numbers changed everything. That is a must for this type of games, no matter if you want to be different from others
  • Conditional gates – permission to enter certain areas only after fulfilling certain criterias. Be it quest completion or minimum level. Has been used on the tutorial island for directing a player into fulfilling missions
  • Reward chest functionality – the most basic type of quest, just finding a box with an item. That was also missing! So – used on tutorial island as well. I hope that it won’t be overused on the mainland though.
  • Animated tiles on map – finally water is flowing through the land! I used plugin made for Phaser, hope to get this rewritten as something own sometime in the future. Why? Because it has some flawns related with loading map in bunches

What might be next thing to appear in our MMORPG 2021?

mmorpg 2021 herodonia trello tasks listI hope to get all of those done as fast as possible. Sometimes I need to refactor a part of code or rewrite a small thing which has been created in the early days of Herodonia, but evolved into something way bigger than anticipated. Hopefully that will be not happening in the nearest future too often 🙂 .

Stay tuned!



More entertaining names

Starting from today, names of newly coming Heroes will be more entertaining – instead of numeric value, you’ll have fairly unique adjective following with name of a creature. This way you will be able to feel more to your Herodonia Hero.

Why that feature?
I decided to go with something rather quick today, to get more familiar with <<not touched in ages>> server code.

Changes are already live.