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Herodonia’s MMORPG autumn color theme and other changes! 0.7.0 ver


Hello, fellow Herodonians of our MMORPG browser game world!

We hope you’re ready for some exciting changes in our beloved indie game world. Our indie MMORPG game development team (team might be a overstatement in the indie dev world) has been hard at work! We’re thrilled to share some of the recent updates that have been implemented. We’ve listened to your feedback and have made some significant improvements to enhance gaming experience in our no download browser MMORPG. So, grab your favorite autumn beverage (hot chocolate would be great!), sit back, and let’s dive into the details of what’s new in the Herodonia’s indie MMORPG game world!

Embrace the Autumn Vibes in Our Herodonia indie MMORPG Universe

As the leaves change colors and the air becomes crisp, our free browser MMORPG indie game world has also transformed with the season. We’ve introduced a stunning Autumn game map theme that brings a whole new level of immersion to your MMORPG adventures. We precisely worked with the color pallette. We wanted to make the game more cozy and changed nearly the whole tileset to match the new palette the best. Explore lush forests filled with vibrant shades of red, orange, and yellow leaves and vines. Purple trees are about to fall so they are changing colors as well and we love the outcome. The serene atmosphere and breathtaking scenery will make your in-game PC and mobile free and no download MMORPG journey feel even more captivating.

You can see summer and autumn color palettes at once in our MMORPG

Boosts and Bonuses, Now Clearly Displayed for indie MMORPG Players

Managing your character’s boosts and bonuses has never been easier in our free-to-play MMORPG! As for now there were no real counters to show how much time left which might have been a little troublesome for some of you. Also, with implementing new boosts and special dishes that will have special effects in the near future (another update soon) these boosts counters were a necessity. We’ve updated the user interface to display these effects as icons right beneath your character’s status panel.

Now, MMORPG players can instantly see which buffs are active and how long they’ll last, allowing for more strategic decision-making during epic battles and quests. So make a great use of these counters as they could work as a big game-changers for some of you who might add some more strategy into the gameplay and maximize outcomes.

There are various boosts that can be active at the same time and combination of various boosts at the same time is also possible. There are endless possibilities that one can use those boosts when used skilfully with the statistics, weapons used and the skills tree.

On the top left side you can see active boosts along with their time duration

Loot Made Easy for 2023 pixel indie game Heroes

Looting after a victorious battle has become more convenient for MMORPG heroes. When monsters drop items, they are now automatically added to your inventory. Also,for a short period of time, you will see floating icons showing items you grabbed. Items will stack up with no changes. If your inventory is full, don’t worry! The dropped items will be neatly packed into a loot bag that you can pick up from the ground. This change streamlines the looting process, ensuring that valuable loot is never left behind in our MMORPG world.

Share the Spoils in Our Browser Pixel Indie Game Universe

Herodonia is the perfect MMORPG for solo players and can be played solo without any major obstacles along the way. However, collaboration with other players is at the heart of our browser MMORPG game with no autoplay and no win to pay-to-win techniques. Sometimes, when a monster is defeated, the items it drops will be visible to nearby MMORPG players. It will happen when there is no space in the inventory and a about a minute passes with no reaction to the loot. This makes it easier to coordinate and share the loot with your friends and fellow adventurers in the vast and new indie MMORPG game universe. Teamwork has never been more rewarding!

Faster Than Ever in Our MMORPG World

We’ve boosted player speed slightly to make your in-game movements smoother and more responsive in our MMORPG. This enhancement not only improves your overall MMORPG gaming experience but also adds a dynamic edge to battles and exploration. We’ve concluded it will be simply more fun to conquer and travel to new places at the higher faster pace than in the past.

Challenge Accepted: Updated Level-Up Formula for MMORPG Heroes

We believe that leveling up should be an accomplishment worth celebrating in our indie pixel game. To align the leveling experience more closely with the core gameplay mechanics, we’ve adjusted the level-up formula to make it slightly more challenging for MMORPG heroes. This change ensures that each level gained is a testament to your dedication and skill as an MMORPG player.

These updates represent our commitment to enhancing your MMORPG gaming experience, making it more immersive, engaging, and enjoyable. We’d like to extend our heartfelt thanks to our dedicated MMORPG community for your invaluable feedback and support.

Add your friends and play in MMORPG solo or together
The new fresh look of the game

Stay tuned for more exciting developments as we continue to refine and expand our MMORPG game world. Your adventures in our pixel indie game universe are just beginning. There are many more surprises awaiting you in our ever-evolving indie game world. So, gear up! Embrace the beauty of the Autumn/Fall season! And embark on thrilling MMORPG quests with your friends!

Play Herodonia and find out all the changes.

Detailed changelog (also TL;DR list):

  • Updated game look with Autumn/Fall map theme.
  • Boosts and bonuses are being displayed as icons underneath character status panel.
  • Monster’s drop is automatically picked into inventory. If no capacity available – loot will be created as bag to pick up from the ground (same as it was before).
  • Dropped items are shown to nearby Players when Monster is killed.
  • Player speed slightly increased.
  • Updated level up formula to be a bit more challenging and aligned with gameplay mechanics.