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  • Browser MMORPG – No download

    Browser MMORPG – No download

    Since the beginning of the development of Herodonia I decided that it should be a browser MMORPG – no download should be required. Why a browser MMORPG – no download? I was really disappointed that every game, even the smaller ones, forced me to install the physical files on my device with no exception for […]

  • Mobile MMO with dungeons

    Today I’m going to talk about another feature planned in the near future. Herodonia will become a Mobile MMO with dungeons. What is a dungeon? Dungeon is a creative way to confront players with even more challenges. That being said – we’re lovers of rankings and creative ways to spend time in games, aren’t we? […]

  • Mobile MMORPG vision for the next months

    I still strive to make Mobile MMORPG Herodonia as an easy game for everyone. By that I mean that the game will be easy for both: new players and experienced “retired” MMO veterans. However, I’m starting to think about how to push the development of Herodonia forward. Most needed pure-technical things From a technical point […]

  • Mobile MMORPG without autoplay – our goal

    Mobile MMORPG without autoplay – our goal

    Recently I found out that more and more games are created as “autoplay”. I can guarantee – Herodonia will always stay as a Mobile MMORPG without autoplay. Why do people use autoplay? Let’s start with one issue. Many people love to watch games played by other players which to me looks like a motivation for […]

  • MMORPG 2021 – Animated map!

    MMORPG 2021 – Animated map!

    I’ve done and deployed some work on smaller quality of life upgrades in Herodonia MMORPG 2021. Now I’m coming back with a quick summary of what has been done in the last several days. List of changes Tutorial land – demo island created for guest players. Fulfilled with npcs, creatures and quests. You’ll be able […]

  • Progress Update for our Mobile MMORPG Online Game

    Progress Update for our Mobile MMORPG Online Game

    Hey there! I’m back after a while with new progress update in Herodonia – Mobile MMORPG Online Game. You were not hearing from me for a significant amount of time – I was fully taken by mine main job – which are online shops – as new wave of the pandemic resulted in increased demand […]

  • End of February Update

    End of February Update

    Most of the work for Client refactor is done, so I’ve spent some time during last couple of days to tweak functionalities of Herodonia. There’s ton of work to be done with Server application left, but that’s for next couple of weeks (to be done during adding new/refactoring old functionalities). The most important changes and […]

  • Client Refactoring

    Client Refactoring

    Starting Today, I’m in process of refactoring client application to be more flexible and faster. First results are very promising. Changing way of storing Inventory and Equipment to be persistent (no extra loading during gameplay if not needed) bring down load time of Inventory Window from 2 seconds to 0 on PC. Even better results […]

  • More entertaining names

    More entertaining names

    Starting from today, names of newly coming Heroes will be more entertaining – instead of numeric value, you’ll have fairly unique adjective following with name of a creature. This way you will be able to feel more to your Herodonia Hero. Why that feature?I decided to go with something rather quick today, to get more […]

  • New game pad and icon

    New game pad and icon

    I managed to create new implementation of game pad, because I felt that one provided by Rex (Rex Plugins) is not working well with 2D MMORPG games, such as Herodonia. Instead it is now more like a buttons, in comparison to how it worked before – as a wheel. I hope that this will bring […]