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New logo for our MMORPG free-to-play game!

Hi everyone, I’m Paulina (later I will write something more about me) and in my first post here I am proud to announce a totally new logo:

Overly-excited presentation of a new logo for Herodonia game.


A fresh start.

It’s been a while since the last blog posts, however, this silence was caused by massive (and by massive I mean MASSIVE) changes. Me and Alastor had redesigned the whole map and new elements and mechanics were added.

What has changed?

Basically, everything!

But that’s a topic for another post.

Soon (details about the launch will be presented by us later) you will be presented with a Beta Version of Herodonia with a new map, first quests, NPCs you got to know about and monsters to fight with.

I leave all the technical details to Alastor as I’m more into content and graphic side of game.

See ya soon!