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New game version v0.1.1


,Exciting news for Herodonia players! Our online game mmorpg beta version release is coming in 2023! The latest version, v0.1.1, has just been released. This means that we are another milestone closer to game beta version release which is surely ongoing and will happen in summer 2023.

Here are some of the key updates and changes

Performance issues

Effects are now sent to interested chunks of the map only, which should help with performance. To prevent stairhopping exploits, there is now a 2 second delay between going up and down via stairs/ladders.

Skills balance

We made the first couple of available Skills a bit weaker. Thus, the game balance got a little bit better and future skills and boosts should be even more enjoyable. Also, guests will now see the Daily Reward after 10 minutes. Also, you will see the text adjusted accordingly.

More in-game MMORPG dungeons!

The map has been updated, with the area beneath the Village Market area enlarged and a new collectable ‘Boulder Mushroom’ added.

If you’re lucky you can find one of those Boulder Mushroom growing underground.

Game tutorial fixes

We adjusted tutorial screen with a dark background for better focus and a changed focus indicator. Additionally, the light is now correctly working when the cutscene ends. Finally, the cutscene in the tutorial now displays text suggesting players go to the Inn. At the end on the tutorial, the light is now correctly appearing on the player after watching the cutscene.

When mmorpg beta version release details will be announced?

Summing up, these updates and changes should make for a smoother and more enjoyable gameplay experience. Although, we want to release beta version of our game in summer 2023 so if you’re looking for a new, free to play, online browser and mobile mmorpg stay tuned. Our new 2023 game is now in development. And as it is a indie game made by us – two people – we will inform you about future releases. Stay tuned with our Game News page.