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Mobile MMO with dungeons

Today I’m going to talk about another feature planned in the near future. Herodonia will become a Mobile MMO with dungeons.

What is a dungeon?

Dungeon is a creative way to confront players with even more challenges. That being said – we’re lovers of rankings and creative ways to spend time in games, aren’t we? So why not try to immerse ourselves into a challenge which will change over time? As in many MMO games – Herodonia will utilize such features in the future.

Mobile MMO with dungeons

That title is something I strive for Herodonia in the next months. What is the current state of dungeons in Herodonia and how will it be implemented?

First thing to be done is to have multi-map system. Now, all visible tiles are served from one large map created in Tiled editor. That’s not bad – I’m splitting it up for a game client and server will soon be able to deal with entire map with internal splitting areas between available CPU resources. But… We’ll need to have additional areas available by loading additional map files.

What will be possible to achieve when the new map loading system will be live?

I’ll be able to create real undergrounds as the first thing. You’ll be able to go through an opening in the ground into a system of caves and crypts.

After that  I’ll try to use additional map files as a base for dungeons. At first, they’ll be filled with the same creatures and obstacles, but after a while I should be able to create a semi-random generator of prizes and creatures.

What is the ultimate goal for dungeons? There will be a random generation of terrain, so each time you’ll try to complete one of the available dungeons – you’ll encounter a new journey.

Unique features than in other Mobile MMO with dungeons

I plan to have dungeons functioning as a unique way to entertain players. This can be done for instance, by adjusting the difficulty level to the player’s level and to team size (in case of multi-player dungeons). Also, I have an idea of team vs team dungeons clearing, but that topic will be covered in one of my future posts.

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