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Browser MMORPG – No download

Browser MMORPG - No download - Herodonia

Since the beginning of the development of Herodonia I decided that it should be a browser MMORPG – no download should be required.

Why a browser MMORPG – no download?

I was really disappointed that every game, even the smaller ones, forced me to install the physical files on my device with no exception for Android smartphone, Windows PC or even a game console.

It has been bugging me for a long time. There was no possibility to create web-browser based games properly. However, some years ago, the focus of applications’ creation has switched onto web browsers and compatibility between all types of devices.

How does this affects Herodonia?

In 2020 when the pandemic struck for the first time I had a lot of time to work on some side projects beside working for my main employer.

I thought about how problematic it would be to develop a mobile game when there are so many various mobile devices and operating systems. We all know that there are several operating systems available (MacOS, Linux, Windows, Android, iOS etc.). Every one of the OSes needs specific binaries or at least a proper Java interpreter. On the other hand, there’s no Java interpreter that works on the iOS operating system.

That’s why I’ve come with a plan to use web browsers.

After a bit of research I decided to use the Phaser engine for the frontend of the game (game client).
Also, I used TypeScript instead of pure JavaScript to create code (as I’m able to create better, typed code).

What do I think about the future?

I think that in the future we’ll be switching to have everything working in the web browsers.  I hope that there will be even more opportunities to integrate new devices even better. Maybe in the future you will be playing Herodonia on a smartwatch, huh?

Thinking more realistically, I think that it will be even easier to access Herodonia, when there will be some kind of VR integrated into our brains, but that’s something which will not happen in a few years ;).

So don’t hesitate and play Herodonia wherever you are and on whatever device you choose: How to Play

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