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New version of MMORPG browser game released!


Hello everyone, I wanted to take a moment to talk about the updates we deployed to our MMORPG browser game – Herodonia yesterday. As a developer, it’s always exciting to see how our changes can positively impact the game-play experience for our players. Also, we plan on making those changes regularly as there is still so much to do! And we’re excited with every little thing, so here we go.

Last time we released the full Alpha version, so some bugs are just a natural process of such action.

What’s new in our MMORPG browser game?

One of the most significant changes was the fix for collectables (ones that can be gather while wondering around the map – from the ground, bushes, trees etc.). We’ve received feedback from some players that they were having trouble finding or collecting items on the map. It might have been due to some chunks of the map refreshing time and other related issues, so we checked them up. We took this feedback seriously, dug into any potential bugs.

Finally, we made some adjustments to ensure that collectables now appear and disappear correctly on the map. Even if players are in a different chunk of the said map. If you find any other items-connected problems in our MMORPG browser game, you can freely contact us pointing out the bug. As this is still an Alpha version of the web browser rpg game, there might be still some bugs waiting to be fixed :). And we’re onto them!

Another change we made was generating unique filenames for each map part. This is to prevent caching issues that some players were experiencing. Also, we can now ensure that after updating the map, players can see the changes immediately.

Finally, we adjusted the appearance of collectables. Now, we’re basing on a specific formula during server startup. This change ensures a more consistent experience for players when finding and collecting items in the game world.

What’s next?

We’re committed to making Herodonia the best experience it can be, and we’re grateful for all the feedback we are receiving from our players. These updates are just one example of how we’re listening to our players and making changes to improve their experience.

Thank you for playing our MMORPG browser game – Herodonia, and we hope you enjoy these updates.