MMORPG 2021 – Animated map!

I’ve done and deployed some work on smaller quality of life upgrades in Herodonia MMORPG 2021. Now I’m coming back with a quick summary of what has been done in the last several days.

List of changes

  • Tutorial land – demo island created for guest players. Fulfilled with npcs, creatures and quests. You’ll be able to experience playing Herodonia without actually being registered. It should be pretty straightforward for new players
  • Text animation for dealt damage, experience, self-healing. Actually – I was pretty sure that something fundamental was missing, but I couldn’t come up with that for a long time. And… Eureka – just a simple numbers changed everything. That is a must for this type of games, no matter if you want to be different from others
  • Conditional gates – permission to enter certain areas only after fulfilling certain criterias. Be it quest completion or minimum level. Has been used on the tutorial island for directing a player into fulfilling missions
  • Reward chest functionality – the most basic type of quest, just finding a box with an item. That was also missing! So – used on tutorial island as well. I hope that it won’t be overused on the mainland though.
  • Animated tiles on map – finally water is flowing through the land! I used plugin made for Phaser, hope to get this rewritten as something own sometime in the future. Why? Because it has some flawns related with loading map in bunches

What might be next thing to appear in our MMORPG 2021?

mmorpg 2021 herodonia trello tasks listI hope to get all of those done as fast as possible. Sometimes I need to refactor a part of code or rewrite a small thing which has been created in the early days of Herodonia, but evolved into something way bigger than anticipated. Hopefully that will be not happening in the nearest future too often 🙂 .

Stay tuned!



End of February Update

Most of the work for Client refactor is done, so I’ve spent some time during last couple of days to tweak functionalities of Herodonia. There’s ton of work to be done with Server application left, but that’s for next couple of weeks (to be done during adding new/refactoring old functionalities).

The most important changes and updates are listed below.

Creature Names and Status Icons

– Heroes names are always displayed in the green color (exception: your avatar which stays as before) to make it easier to recognize them. Health bar will still indicate injury level using color though (as before)
– NPC names are in blue now, NPCs have no health bar because they cannot be attacked anyway
– NPCs became a bit more clever – they’re allowed to take gold coins from heroes and to teleport them after getting paid, so you’ll have more interaction with them
– Monster names are in red now – this way you’ll be able to easier recognize Human-type monsters from other Heroes
– Status Icon will be displayed in the upper-left corner of game window. It will indicate either PZ (protection zone), PVM (player vs monsters) or PVP (player vs player) areas.

Miscellaneous changes

– Player vs. Player combat is forbidden entirely, only possible way for PVP will be to go to designates zones (to be added in the future)
– Signs text has been changed to white. Plan for the future: separate dialogue window for signs
– Heroes have new outfits, assigned to them basic on their occupation
– Hero occupation is now visible in the Statistics Tab in the Inventory
– GUI rendering rewritten, Inventory window is now super-fast. Plan for the future: rewrite all of the windows to be pre-rendered on game load.

Stay tuned!



More entertaining names

Starting from today, names of newly coming Heroes will be more entertaining – instead of numeric value, you’ll have fairly unique adjective following with name of a creature. This way you will be able to feel more to your Herodonia Hero.

Why that feature?
I decided to go with something rather quick today, to get more familiar with <<not touched in ages>> server code.

Changes are already live.



New game pad and icon

I managed to create new implementation of game pad, because I felt that one provided by Rex (Rex Plugins) is not working well with 2D MMORPG games, such as Herodonia. Instead it is now more like a buttons, in comparison to how it worked before – as a wheel.

I hope that this will bring better experience when playing on Mobile, but I want to perform housekeeping of code related to displaying, so it should be even faster in the future. Fingers crossed 🙂

As for side thing – I created simple icon to be used on the website and in the game. I hope that this will bring more focus on Herodonia brand colors & logo style.


Game Client Sweep – first part (Phaser)

Today I managed to perform first part of Game Client Sweep (which in fact was really needed – as there’s some bloat in Client’s code).

I did following things:
– removed not needed dependencies
– Phaser updated to the newest version as of now (Phaser 3.52)
– Fixes needed to adapt code from outdated Phaser version (almost year and a half old!)

I‘m planning to continue with code sweep of the game client during next days, as I feel that there’s some parts of code that’s needs optimization for running on Mobile – as Smartphones and Tablets are ones of my main target.


Map Splitting and Maintenance Page

Today I focused on two features among many others needed to have fairly better player experience – map splitting and maintenance page.

Map Splitting

I’m trying to have overworld as large as possible – and that is pretty achievable. But here comes the main problem – whole map shouldn’t be loaded into Herodonia Client at once, as Smartphones or even PCs (limitations of Web Browsers) do not have enough RAM (in reality – they indeed have, but I’m sure that some devices will have problem with that).

There’s smart solution for that – split map into several little pieces and load only needed ones. So when Hero will move – part of map which will be seen in a second is being loaded. Simple? Quite yes, until I’ll want to have instances, but do not plan too far ahead, as everything may change anytime 🙂

Maintenance Page

It is way better to have clear indication that maintenance is in progress, than Herodonia Client that cannot connect to Herodonia Server.

I invested several minutes into that, but now – it would be way cleaner when game will be in upgrade process.

Both changes have been already deployed.