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  • Huge changes, new map and much more. Welcome the Alpha Version!

    Huge changes, new map and much more. Welcome the Alpha Version!

    At the beginning of 2023 we released a new map on which we were working on along with new locations, NPCs and first quests. So if you’re curious about how the game has progressed so far, here’s a recap of what’s been going on over the past few months.   Can I play your MMORPG […]

  • MMORPG 2021 – Animated map!

    MMORPG 2021 – Animated map!

    I’ve done and deployed some work on smaller quality of life upgrades in Herodonia MMORPG 2021. Now I’m coming back with a quick summary of what has been done in the last several days. List of changes Tutorial land – demo island created for guest players. Fulfilled with npcs, creatures and quests. You’ll be able […]

  • End of February Update

    End of February Update

    Most of the work for Client refactor is done, so I’ve spent some time during last couple of days to tweak functionalities of Herodonia. There’s ton of work to be done with Server application left, but that’s for next couple of weeks (to be done during adding new/refactoring old functionalities). The most important changes and […]

  • More entertaining names

    More entertaining names

    Starting from today, names of newly coming Heroes will be more entertaining – instead of numeric value, you’ll have fairly unique adjective following with name of a creature. This way you will be able to feel more to your Herodonia Hero. Why that feature?I decided to go with something rather quick today, to get more […]

  • New game pad and icon

    New game pad and icon

    I managed to create new implementation of game pad, because I felt that one provided by Rex (Rex Plugins) is not working well with 2D MMORPG games, such as Herodonia. Instead it is now more like a buttons, in comparison to how it worked before – as a wheel. I hope that this will bring […]

  • Game Client Sweep – first part (Phaser)

    Game Client Sweep – first part (Phaser)

    Today I managed to perform first part of Game Client Sweep (which in fact was really needed – as there’s some bloat in Client’s code). I did following things:– removed not needed dependencies– Phaser updated to the newest version as of now (Phaser 3.52)– Fixes needed to adapt code from outdated Phaser version (almost year […]

  • Map Splitting and Maintenance Page

    Map Splitting and Maintenance Page

    Today I focused on two features among many others needed to have fairly better player experience – map splitting and maintenance page. Map Splitting I’m trying to have overworld as large as possible – and that is pretty achievable. But here comes the main problem – whole map shouldn’t be loaded into Herodonia Client at […]