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End of February Update

Most of the work for Client refactor is done, so I’ve spent some time during last couple of days to tweak functionalities of Herodonia. There’s ton of work to be done with Server application left, but that’s for next couple of weeks (to be done during adding new/refactoring old functionalities).

The most important changes and updates are listed below.

Creature Names and Status Icons

– Heroes names are always displayed in the green color (exception: your avatar which stays as before) to make it easier to recognize them. Health bar will still indicate injury level using color though (as before)
– NPC names are in blue now, NPCs have no health bar because they cannot be attacked anyway
– NPCs became a bit more clever – they’re allowed to take gold coins from heroes and to teleport them after getting paid, so you’ll have more interaction with them
– Monster names are in red now – this way you’ll be able to easier recognize Human-type monsters from other Heroes
– Status Icon will be displayed in the upper-left corner of game window. It will indicate either PZ (protection zone), PVM (player vs monsters) or PVP (player vs player) areas.

Miscellaneous changes

– Player vs. Player combat is forbidden entirely, only possible way for PVP will be to go to designates zones (to be added in the future)
– Signs text has been changed to white. Plan for the future: separate dialogue window for signs
– Heroes have new outfits, assigned to them basic on their occupation
– Hero occupation is now visible in the Statistics Tab in the Inventory
– GUI rendering rewritten, Inventory window is now super-fast. Plan for the future: rewrite all of the windows to be pre-rendered on game load.

Stay tuned!