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Map Splitting and Maintenance Page

Today I focused on two features among many others needed to have fairly better player experience – map splitting and maintenance page.

Map Splitting

I’m trying to have overworld as large as possible – and that is pretty achievable. But here comes the main problem – whole map shouldn’t be loaded into Herodonia Client at once, as Smartphones or even PCs (limitations of Web Browsers) do not have enough RAM (in reality – they indeed have, but I’m sure that some devices will have problem with that).

There’s smart solution for that – split map into several little pieces and load only needed ones. So when Hero will move – part of map which will be seen in a second is being loaded. Simple? Quite yes, until I’ll want to have instances, but do not plan too far ahead, as everything may change anytime 🙂

Maintenance Page

It is way better to have clear indication that maintenance is in progress, than Herodonia Client that cannot connect to Herodonia Server.

I invested several minutes into that, but now – it would be way cleaner when game will be in upgrade process.

Both changes have been already deployed.