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Mobile MMORPG vision for the next months

I still strive to make Mobile MMORPG Herodonia as an easy game for everyone. By that I mean that the game will be easy for both: new players and experienced “retired” MMO veterans. However, I’m starting to think about how to push the development of Herodonia forward.

Most needed pure-technical things

From a technical point of view, the server needs to be split into concurrent-programming as now it is running mostly on two threads. How do I plan to accomplish that? The best solution is to have areas which will be handled by their own processing threads.

As it comes to the Client – several most time-consuming operations, such as sprites creation will be switched to be pre-generated at launch instead of run-time generation. This way – i.e.: all pop-up windows will load faster and player movements will be smoother. A little sneak peak for you – Inventory window is already rewritten that way. It is reacting pretty fast for each tap on the screen.

New features

Trading between players is somewhat important to me, so at first direct trade options will be created. Later at some point – market (or to be called as “shop”) accessible by all players to place, sell and buy offers will be created.

Second important thing would be  dungeons and an underground level of map – that has been mostly covered in the following article: https://www.herodonia.com/mobile-mmo-with-dungeons/

Content for Mobile MMORPG

The most important thing is to enrich a map with new terrains and creatures, not to mention NPCs and additional quests. On my to-do list that’s the top thing  that needs to happen before we’ll proudly call Herodonia a Beta version (we’re still in the Alpha phase).

Similarly, this has been done for “Tutorial” or “Demo” Island (the first land which is available for every new player, without the need of creating an account). Main land will be filled with NPCs and quests. As for now players already were given hunting grounds for levels up to 10, and that must be enough for a warmup. Hopefully, I’ll be keen on this when I finish dealing with current technical things.

Stay tuned!