Game Client Sweep – first part (Phaser)

Today I managed to perform first part of Game Client Sweep (which in fact was really needed – as there’s some bloat in Client’s code).

I did following things:
– removed not needed dependencies
– Phaser updated to the newest version as of now (Phaser 3.52)
– Fixes needed to adapt code from outdated Phaser version (almost year and a half old!)

I‘m planning to continue with code sweep of the game client during next days, as I feel that there’s some parts of code that’s needs optimization for running on Mobile – as Smartphones and Tablets are ones of my main target.


Online Game – Herodonia – Social Media

Today I spent some time on creating social media sites for Herodonia – Mobile Online RPG Game. It was pleasure time in comparison to yesterday’s bug fixing after all…

Here are the links to profiles:

I hope that integration will work properly and you’ll be able to follow Herodonia in whatever medium you feel to 🙂 .


Client Bug Fixes – 27th Jan 2021

Today I spent some time on creating client bug fixes for the two most commonly visible bugs.

First one was occurring when texts were updated regardless if they’re visible – which was causing random texts to appears on the screen.

That was quite a burden to find that. It looked more like texts being randomly set when they’re updated too often. But after somewhat half and a hour of debugging and even peeking through core code of Graphics Framework if was done.

Second one was simply not properly loading map data after teleport happens to Hero.

This time, applying those Client bug fixes that one wasn’t that hard at all. It was caused by updating map before teleporting Hero at all, so moving update after teleport itself fixed the problem.

Both bug fixes are already live.


How to play – tutorial

Today I managed to create basic tips about how to play online game – Herodonia – Mobile Online RPG because I felt that new Heroes might feel quite lost. I hope that you’ll be able to dive deep into the world of wonderful stories of various Heroes a little easier.

Also please do not forget that we’re in the Alpha Phase still – so there might be some bugs and problems occurring.

Link: How to Play


World Map with Spawns

Today I spent some time on preparing World Map with detailed Enemies information. I believe that this will bring some light for new Heroes whose are not familiar with Herodonia world.

You can find it here: World Map

In the future – I plan to keep that World Map up to date, at least until there will be built in mini map.


Map Splitting and Maintenance Page

Today I focused on two features among many others needed to have fairly better player experience – map splitting and maintenance page.

Map Splitting

I’m trying to have overworld as large as possible – and that is pretty achievable. But here comes the main problem – whole map shouldn’t be loaded into Herodonia Client at once, as Smartphones or even PCs (limitations of Web Browsers) do not have enough RAM (in reality – they indeed have, but I’m sure that some devices will have problem with that).

There’s smart solution for that – split map into several little pieces and load only needed ones. So when Hero will move – part of map which will be seen in a second is being loaded. Simple? Quite yes, until I’ll want to have instances, but do not plan too far ahead, as everything may change anytime 🙂

Maintenance Page

It is way better to have clear indication that maintenance is in progress, than Herodonia Client that cannot connect to Herodonia Server.

I invested several minutes into that, but now – it would be way cleaner when game will be in upgrade process.

Both changes have been already deployed.


Welcome to the Herodonia World

I finally decided to create homepage for Herodonia – place, which should be treated as a start point to your adventure. Today – 5th of January 2021 is the day on which Herodonia could be called “running”.

We’re now open to being indexed by Google and other web crawlers.

See you in the next posts!