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Progress Update for our Mobile MMORPG Online Game

Hey there! I’m back after a while with new progress update in Herodonia – Mobile MMORPG Online Game.

You were not hearing from me for a significant amount of time – I was fully taken by mine main job – which are online shops – as new wave of the pandemic resulted in increased demand for functionalities.

But finally – I’m here and ready to share you what has been done in the last days.


List of changes

  • you will play as a guest account when you’ll open a game – so no longer need to register to verify if Herodonia fits you. I’m 100% sure that this will help new folks to got first in-touch experience with our Mobile Game as fast as possible.
  • you will be able to create new account by clicking special button which will be visible for all guests through entire gameplay – so you can create your own Hero when you’ll get familiar with Game and its contents itself. For now, you’ll lost your progress though, so it will be best to register after defeating your first opponents ๐Ÿ™‚
  • message encouraging you to create your own, savable Hero will appear every time you will leave or enter city – so you’ll know that your progress is not actually saved (until you’ll register your own Player)
  • small adjustment made to fonts – slightly more visible creature names in Game Window and adjusted font boldness for Item quantities. Hope this will make “337” or any other number of gold coins you’ll find when hunting monsters way more readable ๐Ÿ˜‰

That’s just a beginning of adjustments to make Herodonia more easier to get familiar with. For starters – visit How to Play, where you’ll learn basics of Mobile MMORPG Online Game Herodonia.

What is coming in following weeks, sneak peak

  • NPC dialogue window changes – you’ll have easier way to talk with them
  • Introduction screen for guest (demo) mode – new Players will get familiar with Game itself
  • Tutorial Land for Guests – instant sign-in and play by yourself, no more “web” tutorials, experience this yourself!

More will be introduced in next posts.

See you later!