Herodonia will now have versioned releases, here comes Alpha v0.1.0

Hello gamers, Alastor here with some exciting news about Herodonia! The latest version of the game is now available, and it’s packed with new features and improvements. Here are some of the key changes:

  • Herodonia will be versioned, starting from today. We’re happy to release Alpha v0.1.0 today.
  • Updated map: We’ve enlarged the area to the left of the Village, providing even more places to explore and conquer.
  • New font: We’ve introduced a new font for creatures in the game. It has better resolution, making it easier on the eyes and providing a more immersive experience.
  • Sunbeam improvements: We’ve fixed a bug with sunbeams not being responsive and adjusted them inside buildings/under roofs to create a more realistic in-house climate.
  • Leveling up: When you level up, you’ll now see an additional window with boosts that last for a couple of minutes. Plus, when choosing your reward, you’re now immutable, meaning you can take your time and choose wisely.
  • Email fix: We’ve fixed an issue with wrong emails being sent, so you can rest assured that your account information is safe and secure.
  • Loot Boost: We’ve implemented a Loot Boost and fixed the defense boost for melee combat. This means that you’ll be able to collect even more loot and defend yourself more effectively in combat.
  • Guest account creation: If you try to register in-game and your account is not yet created, you’ll be correctly registered. Previously – in some rare conditions – error might happen and you’ll not be registered at all.

We’re always working hard to improve Herodonia, and we hope these changes make the game even more enjoyable for all of our players. Happy gaming!