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Client Refactoring

Starting Today, I’m in process of refactoring client application to be more flexible and faster.

First results are very promising. Changing way of storing Inventory and Equipment to be persistent (no extra loading during gameplay if not needed) bring down load time of Inventory Window from 2 seconds to 0 on PC. Even better results on mobile – from 10 seconds to 0.

Another thing which I’m doing right now is slight rewrite of Client way of dealing with data. Now it is quite complicated to share data between components, but when I’ll finish adding proper Observer Pattern implementation into whole system and will ensure that data flow is one-way (Server-> Client Persistent Storage -> Client GUI) – we’ll good to go with new features 🙂 .

For next several days I’ll be doing further revisions which will serve us with speed and maintainability improvements for Client and Server.